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    National "863" plan to energy saving and new energy automobile major project group leader ming-gao ouyang has said that the development of new energy automotive industry needs to go through three stages: the gestation period, the industrial period, industry growth.And the new energy vehicles industry standards by the end of the period is the electric car market accounted for about 1% of the cars, the estimated this year can achieve it.Consider "1%" in addition, the international community at the early stage of the new energy automobile development an inflection point, once ...
    Release time: 2016 - 02 - 06
    2016 electric vehicle market is full of many many uncertain factors, but one thing is certain, the macroeconomic situation is still not optimistic, especially after a large number of low-end manufacturing outsourcing in China, the legacy of the labor force unemployment will emerge;Digest the labor of manufacturing industry, because of serious overcapacity and become depressed.Prosperity for nearly 20 years of electric vehicle industry, continue to increase in ownership, excess capacity and under the premise of environment economy overlap, inflection point has been increased from the year befor...
    Release time: 2016 - 02 - 13
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